Blockchain and Digital Assets

Government Relations

Primary Global Consulting has a successful track record of Community Building, Developing Content and Online Education Platforms focused on increasing Product Adoption Rates and Token Holders, for both ERC and BSC tokens and applications. We also have established relationships with various exchanges for token listings.

Community Building / Product Adoption / Token Adoption

We are highly skilled in helping our blockchain clients build an online community of product users and token holders that are aligned with the company’s long-term strategy. We produce unique educational content for each client and leverage this content as part of your value-added proposition to grow your community members online.

Our fundamental approach involves branded online product and token education services, building dedicated product and token centric communities, identifying and developing community leaders and working with our clients to deliver a consistent message which producers a loyal and valued added community of users.

Capital Raising

We have a strong track record of capital raising through our affiliated investment bank Primary Capital LLC, as well as long standing relationships with private equity funds, family offices and VCs.


We have established relationships with a number of exchanges, a detailed understanding of the listing process, and a number of pre-existing relationships with the key decision makers.

Strategic Partners

PGC has partnered with the Mint Group to offer technical advice on the development of applications, tokenomics and the development of a White Paper.

Resolution of Political, Business and Economic Issues

PGC has a broad network of relationships in Asia, Latin America and the US, which includes access to senior level advisors and think tanks focused on the resolution of political and economic issues, senior advisors and officials who can provide guidance on current and pending regulatory issues, guidance on contracts, trade issues, conflict resolution, immigration, investment and market entry. We have the ability to identify and connect with the appropriate decision makers to provide a clear and efficient path for executing your business plan or political agenda. We also work with public relations specialists who coordinate legislative efforts by working with local, state and federal governments as well as the media to assist our clients with legislative goals by creating policy proposals and working with government agencies and citizens.